We have 2 beautiful TICA regestered ragdolls. They are 20 weeks old. We are located in Auburn, Indiana, but we can meet for a driving fee. Due to their age, we have dropped the price to $500 each. You can contact us at 260 908 2550
I have one partially-grown kitten that is ready for a new home. He is playful and would make a good pet. He is short-haired. He has a mixture of black and grayish tan. I don't know what breed he is though. If interested call or text (717) 824-0374.
Beautiful female born 5-8-18. Up to date on deworming and vaccinations.
i have snow bengal kittens go to www.facebook.com/HLBengalBeaities
They named me after a lovely flower that blooms with love and care. I am ROSE, a dilute calico female, about 6 yrs old. I came to the shelter as a stray in June. I was nursing kittens then so stayed close to them until they were grown. Now its m...
VERA is my name and the last couple months have been a whirlwind! I gave birth to six kittens in July. A day later, a kind person brought all of us to the shelter. Then another kind person took us home, giving me a quiet place to raise my babies. Now I...
Sophie is a queen and a great breeder! She has had 3 litters from 3 breedings. She has had large litters of 4, 6, and 5 kittens. She carries the seal lynx point gene. When I bred her to a seal lynx point male she had 3 seal lynx point kittens and 3 Brown rosette kittens. She is a very easy breeder and a great mother. Only reason I am selling her is because I am getting out of the breeding busin...
They named me ARUBA the day I came to the shelter as a stray in mid-June. Its an exotic name for a gorgeous calico girl! They guess I was born in April. All I know is Im glad to be here with regular meals and lots of other kittens. Im naturally shy,...
This kitten was born in a little of 5, he is wonderful and has been around other cats and kids since birth.
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